Quality Next to None!

  • Made of Northern Canadian Cedar – “Clear”
  • 30 Day Kiln Dried Process
  • Quarter Saw Cedar – Smooth, No Knots, No Splinter
  • Tongue and Grooved – Fits Together
  • A glider system built under the base of the floor
  • Dado floor/for the walls to seat onto
  • Double reinforced bench seat
  • 30% more lumber than other sauna
  • 4 latch construction/fastening system
  • All four sides are recessed to all four sides with latches
  • Computer Matched – Beautiful Cabinets
  • Totally Portable – It’s Yours for Life
  • A Fine Addition to ANY ROOM in your home or business
  • Speakers with speaker jacks installed

Why Cedar?

Cedar is the lumber of choice for many reasons.  It is not only beautiful wood but it is also aromatic.  It produces a fresh natural scent that will create a relaxong setting for you in your Health Cabin.  Cedar is known for its healing and cleansing properties which will aid in the detoxification process.

Benefits of Cedar in Everyday Life:

  • Stress relief
  • Antibacterial effects
  • Deodorization and neutralization of toxic substances
  • Calming and refreshing effects
  • Improvement of skin disease and allergy

Construction of Our Health Cabins

“Health Cabins” far infrared saunas are manufactured using the highest quality lumber.  Our Health Cabins are constructed of cold weather cedar that comes from Northern Canada.  Do not mistake this with the cedar that comes from other places like China.  Our cedar is kiln dried for thirty days before it is put on a CNC machine that matches all the grains of the lumber before it is cut.  This computer matching of the wood grain results in an outstandingly beautiful cabinet.  Our cabins range from reddish cinnamon to sienna brown hues to mellow amber and light honeys.  The lumber that is used to construct our Health Cabins is quarter saw so that there are no knots or splinters.  Then it is tongue and grooved for added strength and durability.  In addition our benches and floors are double reinforced to added strength and durability.  Cedar also has exceptional thermal insulation properties that resist splits caused by the heating up and cooling down of the sauna.  That’s why we can offer a “Lifetime” warranty.  In addition to the health benefits, cedar is beautiful and our saunas are an elegant piece of furniture.  Health Cabin far infrared saunas are assembled using heavy duty latches.  We use four latches on each corner which makes the cabin very secure and also very portable.  Your “Health Cabin” kit comes with only six panels to be latched together.  Each of the panels fit very easily through any door, up or down the stairs.  It takes about 30 minutes to put together.  You plug it into a regular 110 outlet and you are ready to enjoy a relaxing session on your Health Cabin.  It is as simple as that!