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Item Number KS-4 1D-5KD

volts— amps 2150 watts—6 heaters 2-3 people 56”W x 40”D x 72”H

Item Number KS-1 1H—1 KD

120 volts—12 amps 1350 watts—4 heaters 1 person 36”W x 36”D x 72”H

Item Number KSH-2 Hexagon

120 volts—14 amps 1700 watts—5 heaters 1 person 40”W x 36”D x 72”

Item Number KS-5 1H—6 KD

120 volts—14 amps 1700 watts—5 heaters 3-4 people 60”W x 48”D x 72”H

My husband Jim has been helped so much. He has lots of arthritis, knee and ankle problems. He sits in the sauna morning and evening for 30 minutes each time. He is now walking, has more energy and strength, looks 10 years younger and has lost weight. We’ve had the sauna 5 months. I highly recommend it. -Marilyn from Nebraska